Passenger and baggage air transport contract

This passenger and baggage transportation contract governs the conditions that apply to flights operated by Sky High Aviation Services Dominican .  

Terms and conditions are included on the ticket, e-ticket receipt, published fares and itineraries, and on our website.

This contract is accepted by the passenger when purchasing a ticket.

Flight Itineraries

We are committed to transporting each passenger to their final destination safely and pleasantly. 

Published itineraries, flight times, aircraft types, and similar details reflected in the ticket or published schedules are subject to change and are not part of this contract.

SKYhigh Dominicana may change its schedules, delay or cancel flights, and alter or omit stopping places shown on the ticket as required by its operations.

Reservations, tickets or tickets
  • Tickets are personal and non-transferable. 

  • It is forbidden to make reservations with fictitious names or aliases. A reservation must contain: Name and surname of the person, if it is Mr., Mrs., Miss, child or infant; routes to book, indicating flight number, date, number of seats, fare class, telephone numbers, preferably at origin and destination or city, ticket number.  

  • Every ticket issued will contain at least the following information: Place and date of issue, Starting points, destination and planned scales, Name or indication of the carrier, Operating airline of each route, Price of transportation, Name of the passenger, Ticket number, Travel dates. 

  • Our reservations and tickets are electronic. 

  • Our tickets are non-refundable 

  • SKYhigh Dominicana reserves the right to transport a person without a valid and confirmed ticket. 

  • SKYhigh Dominicana will only transport the Passenger whose name appears on the ticket, who must be duly identified.  

  • The Passenger will not be transported if they do not present a valid ticket that contains the flight coupons for the respective leg and the rest of the unused coupons in the sequence.

In the event of a ticket change, SKYhigh Dominicana may charge a penalty or the difference between the rate charged and the rate applicable to the new ticket to be issued. Additionally, it may charge an administrative fee for such management.

A ticket is valid for travel on the date, for the flight and class of service for which the reservation has been made and the fare has been paid. All reservations must be made in accordance with the conditions of the corresponding fare and will be subject to the availability of seats on the required flight.

If the ticket has not expired before the passenger completes their trip, the ticket may be reissued in accordance with the rules of the fare purchased and the current rules and procedures of the Sky High Aviation Services Dominican.

If the ticket has expired, it cannot be reissued or refunded.

Marketing Forms of Payment

Tickets can be paid in different sales channels:

  • At our reservation and sales offices located in each country where we fly; in cash in dollars or in the currency of the country where it is located at the current exchange rate, with a credit or debit card, or bank deposit. 

  • Through our website with a credit card 

  • In your selected travel agency, according to the payment methods established by him.

Confidentiality of information

All the data provided by the passenger will be used for the formalization of the reservation, the transportation service, commercial purposes, promotions of SKYhigh Dominicana, in accordance with its privacy policy, compliance, provisions and governmental requests and/or orders. judicial.

Operational Changes

In the event of any change in the operation, in terms of flight, departure time, change of equipment or in general any aspect that affects the agreed reservation, SKYhigh Dominicana will do everything reasonably possible to inform the passenger and relocate him.


It is the amount that the Passenger pays for his transportation contract from the airport of origin to the destination and the conditions of application of that rate. 

If the Passenger's travel plans change, the fare and its conditions may change.

Transportation is subject to the rates, taxes and charges in effect on the date the confirmed reservation was made. 

If after issuing the ticket, the rate decreases, SKYhigh Dominicana will not refund or adjust the original rate. 

Taxes and rates

Taxes and fees are additional charges to the applicable rate and are collected by SKYhigh Dominicana in favor of government authorities. These charges are not part of the rate.

Taxes can be a fixed value or a percentage of the fee. Taxes, fees and other similar charges will be borne by the Passenger in addition to the fare. Therefore, they are not part of the final price of the transportation provided by SKYhigh Dominicana. 

Taxes and fees vary depending on the regulations of each country.

denial of transportation

There are different reasons why SKYhigh Dominicana can refuse to transport any passenger or drop them at any time. The reasons will be the following:

  • When a passenger does not comply with the immigration requirements of the country of origin and destination. 

  • When a passenger does not present an orderly conduct.

  • When a passenger shows signs of drunkenness, signs of being under the influence of a drug.

  • When there is a government request or force majeur.  

  • When necessary to comply with any law, regulation or government directive.

  • When the passenger shows signs of a highly contagious disease.

  • For reasons of weather or conditions that are not controllable by SKYhigh Dominicana.

  • When a passenger refuses to allow a search of their person or property for explosives, weapons, hazardous materials, or other prohibited items. 

  • When a passenger fails or refuses to comply with any of the rules or regulations established by the airline. 

  • SKYhigh Dominicana will transport people with disabilities.

  • SKYhigh Dominicana will transport people regardless of their race, color, origin, religion or sex.

People with disabilities

SKYhigh Dominicana, will not deny the transportation of people with disabilities, except as required by law. 

In the cases that the person needs an accompaniment, a team for their mobility or a service animal will accept their transportation without additional charge.

Passengers under this condition must notify and/or request the special service at the time of making their reservation or 72 hours before the departure of their flight. 


It allows its passengers to carry on all their flights, one piece of hand luggage and one piece of checked baggage (hold baggage), this included in the cost of their ticket.  

hand luggage

Any item that the passenger carries with them in the cabin and that can be easily placed in the overhead compartment or under the front seat (backpack, briefcase, carry-on) is considered as hand luggage.


  • The piece of hand luggage must not exceed 7 kilos or its equivalent in pounds 15 pounds.  

  • It can measure up to 42 linear inches (118 cm): 21'' high + 13'' long + 8'' wide (53 cm high + 33 cm long + 20 cm wide). The wheels of the suitcase are not included in the linear measurement. 

  • If hand baggage exceeds the permitted dimensions, it will be sent to the aircraft hold as checked baggage. Applicable excess baggage charges will apply.

Checked baggage or hold baggage

Checked baggage is considered to be that which is transported in the hold of the plane. It can also be called Hold Baggage. 


  • The piece of checked baggage must not exceed 23 kilos or its equivalent in pounds 50 pounds.  

  • It can measure up to 62 linear inches (158 cm). The wheels of the suitcase are not included in the linear measurement. 

  • Pieces whose combined linear measurements are between 63 to 107 linear inches (159 cm 271 cm) are considered oversized pieces. 

  • If your part has casters, they are not included in the linear measurement of the part. 

  • Pieces whose weight exceeds 23 kilos or 50 pounds up to a maximum weight of 32 kilos or 70 pounds, are considered excess baggage. 

General conditions:

  • Weight and pieces allowed are per passenger and are not transferable to other passengers. • Baggage charges are subject to taxes established in the country of origin. 

  • Any additional, overweight or oversized baggage will be transported depending on the space availability of the plane and will have an additional cost. 

  • There may be baggage restrictions depending on the time of year and the origin and destination.  

  • Certain items require a signed waiver in order to be transported.

In addition to hand luggage, you are allowed to bring one (1) of the following items on board:

  • A coat or jacket 

  • Baby items (if you are traveling with a child between 0 and 23 months), apply one (1) of each of the following three (3) items:​

    • A small folding baby stroller registered in the winery. 

    • A diaper bag. 

    • Special Assistance Items 

  • A baby seat, if the baby has a purchased seat. 

The storage, handling and transport of assistive devices for passengers with special needs is allowed in addition to the allowed baggage, as long as the passenger depends on them to get around.

  • a walker 

  • a brace 

  • A cane 

  • crutches

  • A wheelchair and its batteries 

  • a portable respirator 

Overweight and oversize charges per piece

Overweight: It is considered the piece that exceeds a weight greater than 23 kilos or 50 pounds up to a maximum weight of 32 kilos or 70 pounds.

Oversize: It is considered the piece that its linear measures from 63 to 107 linear inches Charges for additional pieces 

Any baggage that is not included in the franchise included in the cost of the ticket is considered an additional piece.

Sport teams

Sports equipment that does not exceed the size, weight and dimensions of checked baggage or checked baggage, the same policy applies.

Overweight or oversized sports equipment, the cost per piece is USD $ 150.00. Sports equipment allowed:

  • bikes 

  • camping equipment 

  • bowling equipment 

  • Bow and arrow 

  • Golf equipment 

  • tennis team 

* Acceptance subject to availability of aircraft space. 

Electronic Equipment

SKYhigh Dominicana, will only allow the transportation of our aircraft as electronic equipment of Televisions up to 50" linear inches.

Liability for loss, damage or delay

There are various circumstances that may cause the pieces of luggage to not be available to the passenger upon arrival at the destination airport or be affected by any damage or loss. In the event that your luggage does not arrive on the same flight as the passenger (delayed), or results in damage or loss.

In any of the cases of affectation of a passenger by luggage: Delay, Damage or Loss, we must adjust and comply with the procedure and policy defined by our company.

The responsibility of SKYhigh Dominicana will be limited and will not be responsible in the following cases:

  • Damage is due perhaps fortuitous or force majeure, to a defect of the baggage itself.

  • Loss due to governmental or airport action, or from seizure by an agent of any local, state or federal agency.

In case of affectation by damages, loss or delay, the passenger must present his claim within 24 hours after the alleged occurrence of the events that caused the claim of not doing so within the established time, SKYhigh Dominicana is limited to the acceptance of it.  

The Baggage policy is available on our website, where you will find more details about this service. 

unaccompanied minor

SKYhigh Dominicana offers a service for minors between the ages of 5 and 13 who travel unaccompanied at a cost of US$100.00 per way, provided that the requirements and permits for minors leaving the country where the flight originates are met. minor.

The Baggage policy is available on our website, where you will find more details of this service and the requirements. 

Pet Transportation

At SKYhigh Dominicana, we provide the service of transporting pets in the main passenger cabin. Pets allowed are cats and dogs.

The transport of pets and their acceptance will be subject to the approval of the government and health authorities of the ports of embarkation and disembarkation.


  • The pet must not exceed a maximum weight of 20 pounds. 

  • The cage or kennel must be flexible. 

  • The cage or kennel must be ventilated and have enough space for the pet to move. 

  • The cage or kennel must easily fit under the seat in front of the passenger and must meet the following measurements: 9” x 14” x 14” (23cm x 36cm x 36cm). 

  • The client may feed their pet, as long as it remains inside the cage or kennel 

  • The pet must remain inside the container during the entire flight. • The assignment of seats to passengers with a cage at the emergency exit is prohibited. • Only one animal per cage or kennel is allowed. 

  • Only one pet per passenger is allowed. 

  • The pet cannot travel without a passenger. 

  • Pets must be clean and without emitting a bad smell. 

  • We do not handle pets in the hold. 

  • We accept a maximum of 3 pets per flight. We reserve the acceptance of the pet considering the condition of the cage or kennel and compliance with the requirements. 

Documentation and health:

  • The passenger is responsible for all the necessary documentation for the entry of their pet to the travel destination. 

  • Passengers traveling with pets must present at the airport counter: Rabies vaccination card, health certificate, animal health payment form and receipt. 

  • The health certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days prior to transport. 

  • The use of tranquilizers for pets is not recommended. 

  • SKYhigh Dominicana is limited to transporting brachycephalic breeds (flat nose). These have narrow airways due to their anatomy, which causes them difficulty breathing. 

Assistance Pets

SKYhigh Dominicana, accepts pets that serve as service or emotional support, you must notify it at the time of reservation.

These types of pets will be transported free of charge and do not require the use of a cage or kennel, but they must be on a leash. 

The passenger is responsible for providing a valid authorization from their licensed physician.

The pet management policy is available on our website, where you will find more details about this service. 

Electronic Surveillance

Passengers and their baggage are subject to inspection with an electronic detector with or without the consent or knowledge of the passenger. 


Smoking on board the aircraft is prohibited. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.