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Fresh seafood skewers with lemon and parsley for grilling

The gastronomy

Its gastronomy is influenced by the Spanish, Caribbean, French and English. Shellfish are used in most of their dishes such as shrimp, crabs and lobsters. A traditional dish is spiny crab aguileño style.

View Of Anguilla Port On Caribbean Sea Against Sky

The weather

The climate of the island is tropical with an average temperature of 27 °C. July to October are the hottest months.

flag of Anguilla

Official language

The official language of Anguilla is English.

Eastern Caribbean money in the black wallet

Official coin

The official currency of Anguilla is the East Caribbean dollar. Also, there is the use of the American dollar.

What to do in Anguilla?

High Angle View Of People Enjoying In Sea Against Cliff

Jumping from the rocks of Little Bay is one of the most interesting activities on the island. Little Bay is a bay with little sand and the water is crystal clear.

Calm Beach

Barnes Bay is a beach with very fine sand and little waves. It is known for its relaxing atmosphere and you can go snorkelling to meet a large number of sea creatures.

Nothing like the Color of the Caribbean Sea around the Anguillian Arch, Anguilla, BWI

West End Arch: Among its greatest attractions is the area of the western end of Anguilla, it is considered glamorous. There are 5 star resorts and high quality restaurants

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