Antigua is one of the 2 main islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and is known for its many sandy beaches.

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Lively Antigua and Barbuda sway to the music of metal drums. It is possible to visit a different beach every day of the year, which is why tourists and celebrities flock to this sun-kissed Caribbean island. Antigua and Barbuda is a very popular tourist destination.


The gastronomy

Antigua and Barbuda has a gastronomy rich in seafood, excellent fish and shellfish such as sea bream, tuna, flying fish, snapper and the famous lobster, among others. Among the typical dishes of these islands are the stewed pepperpotun made with pumpkin, spinach and other vegetables, potatoes au gratin with coconut, sugar and spices and steamed in a banana leaf; roti, dumplings stuffed with curried potatoes, chicken or beef, and cou-cou, made from cornmeal and okra. Other more exotic dishes that can be found in Antigua and Barbuda are sea eggs, ground sea urchin roe, breaded or prepared to suit the consumer.

English Harbor, Antigua

The weather

The climate is tropical, hot and humid throughout the year. The average daily temperature is around 25 degrees and around 28 degrees.

flag of Antigua and Barbuda

Official language

English is the official language of Antigua and Barbuda.

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Official coin

The national currency is the East Caribbean dollar. Despite this, most prices are in US dollars.

What to do in Antigua?

Antigua and Barbuda is located at the eastern end of the Caribbean Sea, framed by spectacular beaches. Many tourists visit the islands to relax on the pink and white sand and explore the coral reefs and shipwrecks.
St. John's, Antigua

The capital city and cruise port of Antigua and Barbuda, it is a kaleidoscope of candy-hued colonial houses and market stalls brimming with tropical fruit and flowers.

Peeking over the horizon are the white neo-baroque towers of Catedral de San Juan, one of the city's most distinctive buildings.

View of English Harbor from Shirley Heights, Antigua, paradise bay at tropical island in the

Along the south coast of Antigua, Fig Tree Drive meanders through rainforests, farmland, and fishing villages. This picturesque tour offers an insight into local life.

View of English Harbor from Shirley Heights, Antigua, paradise bay at tropical island in the

One of Antigua's most popular tourist attractions, Nelson's Dockyard National Park in English Harbour, is home to the 18th-century Antigua British Naval Dockyard (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2016), as well as restored historic buildings and some of the best nature trails on the island.

Nelson's Dockyard is the only continuously operating Georgian shipyard in the world.

Half Moon Bay, Antigua

In southeast Antigua, tranquil Half Moon Bay is bordered by one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Protected by a reef, this idyllic crescent of powdery white sand and blue sea, backed by natural foliage, offers excellent diving on calm days.

Museo Antigua

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda traces the history of these islands from their geological origins to political independence in 1981. A full-scale replica of an Arawak dwelling, as well as pottery, textiles, tools and objects exhibited in the different ecosystems of the islands The museum is located in the former 18th-century courthouse in St. John's.