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The island is French territory and of the European Union. The capital of Guadeloupe is Basse-Terre, described as a little piece of France in the Caribbean. The capital has colorful landscapes that contain all the flora and fauna of the island such as wild orchids.
Several fresh Norway lobsters on a fish stand, Spain

The gastronomy

Among the most outstanding dishes in Guadalupe cuisine are fish broths, grilled lobster, and clam chowder. Also, in Guadalupe their cuisine differs a lot due to the wide range of vegetables they have and add to their dishes.
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The weather

The climate is tropical hot and humid with average maximum temperatures of 32 °C.
flag of Guadeloupe

Official language

The official language of Guadeloupe is French.


Official coin

The official currency of Guadeloupe is the Euro.

What to do in Guadeloupe?

The National Park

The Guadeloupe National Park is the perfect adventure for those who enjoy being in contact with nature. In this park you will find most of the species that inhabit the island, such as the spiny crested iguanas.

The route of the travesée

The Route de la travesée is the road that takes you through the middle of the national park, it is the perfect route to get a reflection of what the island of Guadeloupe is, green and natural. Saut De La Lezarde is a waterfall found at the first stop on this route.

Anse Caraïbe beach

The beach of l'Anse Caraïbe is a rocky beach with completely crystal clear water, very difficult to find and that is why it makes it a very important tourist destination in Guadeloupe. In addition, they have several bars and restaurants that stand out for selling the traditional dishes of the island, giving the complete experience.

La Soufrier volcano

La Soufrière Volcano is the highest peak on the island and one of the youngest volcanoes in the Lesser Antilles. It is located in the capital, Basse-Terre. You can ascend with a very pleasant walk to get the best views of the island.

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