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St. Maarten is considered the most multicultural of all the Caribbean islands, with more than a hundred nationalities living peacefully together.

Meatballs in a pan

The gastronomy

St. Maarten is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, thanks to French and Dutch influences on both sides of the island.

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

The weather

The island of Saint Martin (Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten) has a hot and humid tropical climate. Temperatures range from 24°C to 31°C.

flag of Sint Maarten

Official language

The language is Dutch. Although the 68% population speaks English. Spanish is the second most spoken language, without being official. French is important because it is spoken in the neighboring French territorial community of Saint-Martin.

Netherlands Antillean money in the black wallet

Official coin

The official currency is the Antillean Florin (ANG) at the exchange rate of 1 USD = 1.80 ANG.

What to do in St. Maarten?

This magical island offers the best of two great cultures, the French and the Dutch, perfectly fused with the warmth and color of the Caribbean. Cruise ship visitors can easily walk from the cruise ship pier to the city center,

Known for its rugged beauty, the uninhabited island of Tintamarre, part of the San Martín Nature Reserve, lies 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) off the northeast coast of San Martín. A popular day trip, the island boasts historic ruins, large grassy fields from a former plantation, pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach, especially if you are an aviation lover. This is because Maho Beach is right next to an airport and planes fly right over the beach so low you feel like they might land on you.

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