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The gastronomy

Gastronomy in Tortola is varied. One of the favorite local dishes is known as fungi, cornmeal mixed with okra, and fish. It is very common to consume fish soup and rice with cod.

The weather

The climate in Tortola is considered tropical. Tortola's average temperature is 25 °C.

Official language

The official language of Tortola is English.

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Official coin

Tortola's main currency is the US dollar.

What to do in Tortola?

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is the perfect beach for surfing and enjoying many water sports such as jet skiing, paddle boarding, etc. On the coast there are several restaurants and tourist attractions to enjoy.

Road Town

Visiting Road Town, the capital of Tortola, is very interesting. Most of Tortola's cultural centers and historical landmarks are located in this city. Specifically, Old Main Street is the street with a variety of restaurants and shops.

Village Museum

The Museo del Pueblo shows much of the history of the Island of Tortola before the arrival of the colonizers. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about history.

Callwood Rum Distillery

A tour that is very important is that of the Callwood Rum Distillery. It is one of the oldest distilleries in the Caribbean and is a family business that dates back to the 18th century.

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