SKYhigh Aviation Services Dominicana

Unaccompanied Minor


Under 5 years

They must be accompanied by a family member, guardian or host who is at least 18 years old.

Under 5 and 13 years

They are considered unaccompanied minors and charges apply for the unaccompanied minor service. They can travel with a companion over 14 years of age.

Minors from 14 years

Optional service. They can travel alone on direct flights.

If the itinerary is impacted by any non-regular operation, the parents or legal guardians will be contacted to receive authorization regarding any changes to be processed in the itinerary.

Sky High Aviation Services is not responsible for minors traveling on connecting flights with another airline.

Only minors are allowed in connection from 10 years of age.

Boy with yellow suitcase at empty airport terminal waiting for departure looking out the window.

Note: Passengers must verify the necessary requirements with the competent authorities of their country of origin, as well as those of the country of their destination to ensure that they are met.

The cost per service has a value of US$100.00 per way, additional to the value of the ticket.

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