SKYhigh Aviation Services Dominicana

Traveling with Pets

At Sky High Aviation Services, we provide the service of transporting pets in the main passenger cabin. Pets allowed are cats and dogs.

The transport of pets and their acceptance will be subject to the approval of the government and health authorities of the ports of embarkation and disembarkation.


Documentation and Health


Any transported pet implies a charge per route US$100.00
Reservations for pets must be made at the Sales Offices and at the airport counter.

Assistance Pets

SKYhigh Dominicana, accepts pets that serve as service or emotional support, you must notify it at the time of reservation.
These types of pets will be transported free of charge and do not require the use of a cage or kennel, but they must be on a leash.
The passenger is responsible for providing a valid authorization from their licensed physician.

Types of Assistance Pets

Service Animals

It is an animal that has been trained to provide assistance or perform a task to an individual with a disability.

- Guide a blind person
- Alert their owner of possible seizures
- They alert their owner of high or low sugar

Emotional Support Animals

An animal necessary for the emotional well-being of the passenger during the flight or at their destination and that may or may not be trained for that role.

They provide comfort with their presence.
- Reduce stress, anxiety, depression
- Provide peace of mind to its owner


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